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Powercat 695 Catamaran

The best power catamaran of its size on the water

The Award-Winning 525’s bigger sister


The Powercat 695 is designed along the same lines as the award-winning Powercat 525, and is effectively twice as much boat, with the same combination of economy, safety, comfort and versatility that makes these craft such an excellent choice for commercial and leisure activity boating.


The unique power catamaran hull design provides exceptional stability and fuel economy, even in sea states other similar sized boats would not tackle. With more usable space for people and kit, users of these boats understand they can go to sea more often and do more with their boat.


A twin engine installation provides excellent performance with power in reserve (Powercats can also run comfortably using one engine), and with fully independent electrical and fuel systems fitted for each engine the boat operator can go to sea with confidence.


The Powercat 695’s quick-draining decks and built-in buoyancy enable the boat to handle the roughest water, and to be left on a mooring in all weathers. With easy beaching this boat’s all-round versatility makes if the perfect choice for leisure activity boating and a wide range of commercial operations.